What are we trying to achieve?

We believe that one of the main things, if not THE main thing that tends to be overlooked in societal transactions is the impact of the customer service component... that is, how we serve each other. Whether it is business to business, person to person or business to person, at the core of what we do and how we do it, as people here on Earth, should be the human element.

Unfortunately the human part of the equation oftentimes gets subsumed under much broader and less mindful and considerate corporate categories, such as "the bottom line" and quotas and all kinds of vanity metrics. We believe that it's time for a change and that the world of business and life in general is waking up and thirsting for a different kind of interaction. Our aim is to catalyze this revoution by unearthing real stories of business and customer success, inspiring others to give of their best service from their best selves. We want to bring about a revolution, by highlighting the different facets of customer service in all the different areas of business and society that we typically wouldn't consider to be customer service.

We're on a mission be a place that fosters a community of people who believe that if you put people first and aim to delight them with how we think about them, treat them and serve them, the ultimate outcome can be nothing but success for everyone.


Omar Samuels

Podcaster & Tech Enthusiast


How can we achieve it?

The short answer... is "Together".

As a community, The Serve! Show and the community it fosters will find success through the support of its audience. The more the audience grows, then the greater the positive impact that we will be able to have with our message.

We crave your support and ask that you subscribe and listen to our shows. We are constantly putting in the work to have the show available on the widest range of platforms. In addition to being a regular member of our audience, we also ask that you share our content with your circles of friends, family and colleagues. The more people that connect with the show, the more we will be able to accomplish.